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Hello to all.

For those starting Cancer treatment:

Here are some fun and educational facts, as well as hair care tips and tricks about your journey.

  1. We do not recommend human hair for most of today’s style. I know it sounds like a good idea. I think Human Hair wigs are good when you have extensions and you have what I call a wash & set hair style. That being a teased set hair style. But today’s hair styles are a bit more loose and free. And that also makes the wigs look more realistic. Human Hair wigs also need more up keep in washing, rolling, setting and so on. They are also very expensive to get a good one.
  2. Remember your family and friends will know you are wearing a wig. The main point of our wigs, they will be believable to strangers, and everyday people you see.
hair care tips and tricks for cancer patients
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3. Please come in and get a wig BEFORE you lose your hair. It is good to be prepared and ready to go, this will cut down your anxiety and help prepare you and your state of mind. We also like to match up and/or see your hair. It helps us see what your hair was like.

4. If your budget allows, you should buy two wigs. Rotation is good on the wigs to have fresh looking ones and cuts down on caring for them. And maybe a second style or color just to boost your moral and personal feeling about yourself. Women should be pampered. 🙂 We also give great discounts on each wig after your first wig for that very reason.

5. Remember bringing friends, family and partners are great when selecting a wig, BUT please remember, you are the one that has to love it.

6. Call us for any information you may need. We are here to help.

You will make it through this, We personally wish you ONLY the best.


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