Shop Owner Aids Breast Cancer Patients During Illness

breast cancer

Empathy in Action

Orlando Wig Shop Owner Supports Breast Cancer Patients

In Orlando, Leigh Shannon, the owner of Ritzy Rags Wigs & More for over 35 years, passionately advocates for breast cancer patients. Collaborating with professional wig makers in October, Shannon brings solace to women undergoing challenging treatments.

For Mary Ann Mullhear, finishing chemotherapy marked the beginning of radiation treatment, and Shannon played a vital role in uplifting her spirits along the journey. Having assisted countless cancer patients, Shannon offers practical advice on post-chemo hair care, emphasizing the importance of shaving for faster regrowth.

Each interaction echoes personal significance for Shannon, who, driven by the memory of his late mother’s struggles, strives to provide quality wigs. His commitment extends beyond the shop, as he maintains connections with individuals like Denise Rossetti, offering reassurance and support through video chats.

For those seeking help, contacting Leigh Shannon at opens a door to potential assistance. Shannon’s dedication to cancer patients resonates, emphasizing the power of compassion during challenging times.

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