Ben Nye Ultimate FX Palette


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Ben Nye Ultimate FX Palette

With the Ben Nye Ultimate FX Palette you will be ready for just about any effects imaginable!  This 18 Color Ben Nye Ultimate FX Palette can be used for cuts, bruises, road rash, age, black eye, or moulage!  These are highly pigmented creme colors but can be applied with 99% Alcohol to create “in-the-skin” transparency!  You can expect 40 to 60 applications per shade.  63gm / 2.2oz.

The palette contains the following colors, Left to Right, Top Row to Bottom Row:

  • White (FX0), Chrome Yellow (FX12), Goldenrod (FX121), Sallow Green (FX11), Dark Sunburn (FX321), Capillary Stipple (FX13)
  • Fire Red (FX31), Fresh Cut (FX34), Bruise (FX2), Dried Blood (FX32), Dark Burgundy (FX5), Dark Crimson (FX35)
  • Vein (FX91), Sapphire Blue (FX10), Purple (FX6), Black & Blue (FX72), Grey Purple (FX9), Black (FX8)

This palette is not refillable.


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