Ben Nye Basic Moulage Training Kit


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Ben Nye Basic Moulage Training Kit

The Ben Nye Basic Moulage Training Kit is an essential makeup assortment contains materials effective for the training of emergency medical responders. Realistic simulation heightens first-aid training for scouting, nurses and public safety organizations, and the kit includes sufficient makeup materials to create dozens of lacerations, wounds, burns, cyanosis, fractures and more.  The kit contains the following products:

  • Master Bruise Wheel 6 Colors 1 oz.
  • Crème F/X Burns & Blister Wheel .5 oz
  • Cyanotic Blue Foundation .5 oz
  • Stage Blood 2 oz.
  • Gelatin Blood Capsules (10 Pack)
  • Thick Blood
  • Nose Wax – Fair 2 oz.
  • Simulated Bone Wax 2 oz.
  • Liquid Latex 1 oz.
  • Charcoal Character Powder .75 oz.
  • Plains Dust Powder .75 oz.
  • Neutral Set Powder .9 oz.
  • 2″ Laceration Prosthetic
  • Spirit Gum Adhesive .25 oz.
  • Spirit Gum Remover 1 oz.
  • Quick Cleanse Makeup Remover 2 oz.
  • Trauma Simulation Guide
  • No. 5 Flat Brushes
  • Synthetic Sponge – Single Lot
  • Nylon Stipple Sponge – Single Lot
  • Velour Powder Puff – Single Lot
  • Modeling Tool, Wood
  • Cotton Swabs Applicator 100/Bag
  • Moulage Kit Case

We also carry the Ben Nye Master Moulage Training Kit that is even more extensive.


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