Florida Impersonator Gives ‘Medical-Grade Wigs’ to Cancer Patients


Florida Impersonator Medical-Grade Wigs Cancer Patients

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• Leigh Shannon is a wig shop owner and female impersonator in Orlando, Florida, best known for performances as Bette Midler.
• Shannon’s mom battled breast cancer and died at the age of 43. Her hair loss journey inspired him to provide medical-grade wigs to cancer patients.
• Shannon has used his business and fanbase to bring a community of people together.
Leigh Shannon: More Than a Performer

Multi-talented Maven

Actor, comedian, entertainer, and small business owner, Leigh Shannon‘s repertoire knows no bounds. Beyond the sold-out comedy performances at Hamburger Mary’s in Orlando, Florida, Shannon takes on a more meaningful role as a wig maker for cancer patients.

Decades of Dedication

Known for his iconic Bette Midler impersonation, Shannon opened Ritzy Rags, Wigs & More decades ago. Initially a business to enhance his own performances, the purpose deepened when his mother battled breast cancer, emphasizing the emotional significance of wigs for those facing hair loss.

Mending Hearts with Medical-Grade Wigs

Ritzy Rags stocks medical-grade wigs, a compassionate response to the emotional struggle of patients choosing hair replacements. Shannon’s commitment extends beyond commerce, providing support for various hair loss conditions, creating a community of followers bound by shared experiences.

Comedy, Compassion, and Community

Shannon‘s performances transcend entertainment, weaving seamlessly with the character of Leigh Shannon. The business becomes a conduit for breaking judgment, fostering unity in a community grappling with inevitable trials. Shannon’s wit extends to the promise of the best hair in the house, except for his own.

Coping with Hair Loss: A Temporary Challenge

Chemotherapy and Hair Loss

Hair loss, a distressing side effect of chemotherapy, prompts discussions on personal issues. Shannon’s endeavors highlight the emotional support available, offering hope to those facing temporary hair loss. Consulting with healthcare professionals ensures access to resources, such as local wig-makers, to alleviate distress.

Temporary Nature of Hair Loss

Acknowledging the temporary nature of chemo-induced hair loss is crucial. While hair loss typically begins three to four weeks into chemotherapy, regrowth occurs around four to six weeks after completing treatment. Patients may experience changes in color and texture, emphasizing the resilience of the human body.

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