Drag Queen Donates Wigs, Inspiring Cancer Survivors

Drag Queen Donates Wigs, Inspiring Cancer Survivors

Drag Queen Donates Wigs

In Orlando, the vibrant energy of October at Ritzy Rags, a wig shop owned by the legendary drag queen comic Leigh Shannon, is palpable. As Halloween approaches, the shop becomes a hub for flashy wigs, flying off the shelves and adding a touch of glamour to the festivities.

‘It makes me feel like myself,’

– One recipient said

However, October holds a deeper significance at Ritzy Rags— it’s Cancer Awareness Month. Leigh, with a heart as grand as his performances, generously donates high-quality wigs worth hundreds of dollars to cancer survivors. One such survivor is Cheryl Baggitt, who faced the daunting diagnosis of stage 4 colon cancer last summer.

Cheryl’s journey, marked by resilience, is etched in the effects of chemotherapy on her hair. In a moment of vulnerability, she reveals her greying, coarse hair beneath the wig. Despite her radiant beauty, Cheryl confesses, “I look like I’m 60.”

Leigh, intimately familiar with the emotional toll of cancer, having witnessed his mother’s battle, understands the profound impact on one’s self-image. He reflects on the universal struggle of women enduring fatigue and chemotherapy, often returning to the mirror dissatisfied.

The wigs donated by Leigh aren’t just aesthetically pleasing; they’re medical-grade, offering a lighter, washable, and rash-free alternative. Beyond the physical attributes, these wigs provide cancer survivors like Cheryl with a connection to their past selves and a source of newfound confidence.

As Leigh delicately places a new wig on Cheryl, her face lights up with a radiant smile. “It makes me feel confident. It makes me feel like myself. But it makes me feel like I can get through this,” she shares. In these acts of kindness, Leigh transcends the superficial, contributing to a journey of empowerment and self-assurance for those navigating the challenges of illness.

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