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Remember if you, a friend, or family member is going through therapy for cancer, we are the best and take it seriously to make sure that the person feels great when they leave.

Hair will grow back, the main focus is to get well. But we make sure they look and feel great during treatment and recovery. And this is where we might be able to help through our Cancer Patient Care.

(Mention This Web Site & Receive A Free Gift With Any Wig Or Hair Piece. We now offer 10-15% OFF For ALL Cancer Patients And We Offer A Complimentary Turban!)

Specializing in Wigs, Hair Pieces of ALL kinds.

We have the best in store selection and we are usually about 30% cheaper than anyone in town.

We offer and additional discount for anyone undergoing Chemo & Radiation treatment and Cancer recovery. We create a colorful and fun way to make this wig purchase experience more pleasant and comforting.

Leigh & Staff have over 30 years professional experience with wigs and hair pieces. Also we do carry the silicone enhancers and breast forms along with the foam ones.

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